Data-aware companies know the data they have data is valuable, but haven’t yet been able to unlock that value. How do you get started on that data journey? How does the data strategy support the business strategy? Effini has experience of advising clients on their full data strategy, or even where to start to prove the value of data.

The kinds of areas we can support you with are:

Data Strategy

We can help you define a realistic data strategy that utilises your data to deliver your business strategy.

Data Audit

We can examine your current data and systems to make sure you know what data you’ve got, where it is and how it is currently being used. We can also examine the governance and processes you have in place around your data alongside the skills and tools your have to utilise it.

Privacy and GDPR

Data privacy is currently a hot topic with the introduction of GDPR. We can carry out a GDPR audit or a Privacy Impact Assessment, which are the first steps on the road to good data management.

Data Expert / Temporary Chief Data Officer

Finding the right candidate to deliver a data strategy is challenging, especially since the position may only be temporary. We can support the delivery of your data strategy on a temporary basis, by providing this capability.
Effini are currently supporting Scottish Enterprise with their Data Expert service for account-managed companies.
Get in touch if you want to discuss how any of these services could support your data journey.