Training and Leadership

Build cross-team data expertise

With multiple digital tools and systems in their day to day work, many of your staff will have responsibilities relating to data. By developing relevant and up-to-date skills and supporting outsourcing where appropriate, we help your team feel confident that their activities use best practice when:

  • planning and implementing new tools or processes

  • preparing data reports and visualisations

  • applying techniques to identify insights and opportunities

When building data capability within an organisation you need a flexible approach, combining investment in personal development as well as ensuring you're achieving successful outcomes from your data projects, and they're delivered in a compliant and purposeful way.

Data leadership and coaching

Our experienced staff can provide the leadership your team needs establishing process and skills in-house. Proven techniques such as paired-programming ensures knowledge transfer while achieving your goals. We also provide one-to-one coaching to help your key staff grow and develop into leaders in the data field.



A fast-growing start-up had recruited graduates to provide cost-effective, dedicated data resource, but was not yet large enough to require full-time data leadership. One of our experienced team acted as Data Lead for one day a week for an extended period of time. They supported the team to understand how to align their data activities with business goals and develop best practice in data science with secure, compliant and repeatable processes.



We delivered a series of workshops designed to support those in senior roles within a range of businesses. The goal was to help them understand the role of data in their organisation, their responsibilities and liabilities and most importantly, how to leverage the opportunities. Delivering in bite size chunks allowed them to fit it in around their busy schedule.

Training and development

Our programme of workshops range from sessions to get you started all the way through to executive level sessions. Standard topics include 'How to effectively communicate with data' and 'Addressing data quality'. We can also deliver bespoke workshops.

Building your in-house data skills

As organisations scale, they need to bring in the right data skills and team structures. Business leaders can find it challenging to define job descriptions and grow the team for this specialist area. Our experienced team can advise on structure, roles and the recruitment approach.



Our client in the tech sector benefitted from our support defining the skills sets they required and planning how to grow and develop the team. This included defining the balance of in-house and outsourced skills, preparing job descriptions, and supporting the interview and assessment process.

Data Skills Workshops

We can identify the needs within your current team and propose the right combination of workshops and skills development to create a data driven mindset to help you move to the next stage of your data journey. Whether you need more advanced session, or ones to help explain terminology and practical applications, we can help.

Contact us to chat through which workshops will help support your business goals