Streamline and energise

Too many reports and information overload can result in organisations missing the opportunity to react quickly. By taking a strategic approach to understanding your requirements, prioritising, refining and automating, we enable you to access the right data at the right time so you can:

  • keep the focus on your key business metrics

  • share a clear and informed story from your data

  • quickly spot trends and stories you data is telling you to inform future strategy

Reporting can be raw data in a spreadsheet, or an interactive dashboard. For us, reporting covers all these areas and everything in between. Our goal is to automatically create the reports you need to support your business.

Managing your metrics

To align reporting within your organisation, we understand your goals and KPIs. For those looking to refine those KPIs, we provide strategic guidance on purpose and priority. We create a reporting architecture that recognises who needs the information, how and when they will use it and the decisions it will influence.



Our client had an outdated set of metrics defined a few years previous that hadn't been reviewed since some significant digital transformations. By identifying new data sources, and aligning with the business strategy, we created a Power BI daily management dashboard providing an up-to-date picture of what was happening inside the business. Decisions could be taken in a timely fashion, and impact monitored and measured.



Operating in the tourism sector, our client was spending hours creating monthly manual individual reports for their clients. Using a combination of Amazon Web Services and R Shiny we linked their booking systems and other data sources to provide an “at a glance” real-time view of what was actually happening. They were able to spend the time they saved to use their skills to much better effect for the business.

Freedom from manual reporting

Data trapped inside legacy systems or multiple digital tools can be slow and complex to access. Our Data Engineers reduce the risk of manual errors and minimise manual tasks by designing secure, cost-effective and scalable reporting platforms.

Dashboard design and data visualisation

Presenting data with a clear story will lead to action. We ensure all dashboards have a purpose for their audience, and are simple, informative and interactive. And while we let our creative side shine through at this point, each part of the design is informed by the best practices for accessible data visualisation



When allocating the right set of skills to the right job, there are multiple factors to consider. For any organisation this can be a real challenge, and our client knew that if they got it wrong, they saw increases in both customer and staff complaints. By combining the data into an easy to use visual dashboard, managers could proactively address any rota challenges to ensure they could deliver the best possible service.

Energising your reporting

Our Streamlined Reporting Review brings focus to the real values and metrics you need to report on. Our people focused approach ensures we review the processes currently used as well as the data sources and the business goals. The outcome is an achievable roadmap of activity to move you towards an automated, purposeful reporting solution.

Contact us to chat through how a Streamlined Reporting Review could re-energise your reporting.