Data Quality

Data you can trust

All organisations need data that's accurate, reliable and there when you need it. By improving your data quality we ensure it provides a trusted basis for decision making in areas such as:

  • building deeper customer and service user relationships

  • boosting effectiveness of marketing and cross sales

  • improving service standards

By considering the needs of those who are at the centre of the data and technical processes, we provide long term solutions to your data quality challenges.

Improving your data

Our Data Analysts are skilled at identifying patterns of errors and inaccuracies. Following a process review to understand your data sources, they can advise on data management techniques that will improve better quality data.



Our client required their staff to fill in forms after each interaction with customers, but found that errors and gaps were limiting the value of the reporting. Our people-based review considered the time-pressured and remote context in which this data was being gathered, and advised on improvements to the forms. Data categories were defined, free-text fields were replaced with drop-down lists and we identified simple improvements including training to help show the purpose and value.



Manual data validation was a headache for many of our clients with errors often discovered late in the day when deadlines for reporting were imminent. Our Data Engineers use cloud-based tools in frameworks such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services to automate monitoring processes, so they receive timely alerts when data accuracy is compromised.

Maintaining and monitoring quality

Once you've achieved accurate and complete data, it’s important to prevent a drift in quality. Our data engineers can automate your process to spot possible problems and alert you to them long before they start to cause issues.

Digital transformation

Upgrading tools to maintain strong performance is key for many businesses. Legacy systems can have outdated information and errors. Without assessing and rectifying data quality issues, there is a risk of business decisions being made on poor quality data.



Our client’s customer database was filled with many years of information that, over time, had become messy and hard to use. With a new CRM system selected, we extracted data, identified and rectified errors and ensured the data imported into their new tool was clean and compliant. Knowledge transfer sessions ensured robust data management approaches for the future.

People-focused Data Quality Audit

We run people-focused Data Quality Audits in a friendly and relaxed way. This identifies and resolves any challenges you are facing when gathering data, monitoring consistency or documenting processes. Our aim is to create a positive culture around data quality and address any technical and architecture challenges.

Contact us to talk through how a Data Quality Audit could help you identify and resolve your data challenges