Data Insights

Inspire innovation

Imagine being able to easily use your data to prioritise the most important things your business needs? From spotting insights to advising your business on opportunities to potential risks, we help you to:

  • spot patterns about your customers to help connect in a more meaningful way

  • predict demand to support your planning and resourcing

  • identify and drive opportunities for innovation

To gather insights that inform actions and opportunities, our Data Scientists apply advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Building deeper customer relationships

Many organisations don’t realise that hidden in their data, they have information that will help them understand their customers and clients so much better. Our Data Scientists specialise in finding patterns, behaviours and insights, revealing the story your data is trying to tell you.



With a business built around luxury brands, our client had a complex mix of customers. Our analysis uncovered a range of patterns of behaviours for certain groups, which shaped the creation of personas for a range of markets and demographics. This informed the implementation of distinct loyalty schemes for different audiences, improving the customer experience and growing revenue.



Our call centre client was spending many hours manually creating rotas with efficient combinations of staff and skills. Data scientists captured insights on inbound call levels and types of enquiry by season, day and time, then defined algorithms to predict optimal staffing levels. This supported effective planning to minimise wastage, ensure regulatory compliance and improve customer service.

Effective forecasting

By using data collected historically, organisations can anticipate the future. They can maximise opportunities and reduce losses with proactive planning of tasks like stock levels and staffing. Our Data Scientists can build predictive models to inform and support strategic approaches.

Predictive modelling enabling success

As your level of data maturity grows, so too does the opportunity to enhance how data can help you with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. By creating algorithms based on previous outcomes, you can manage your organisation more proactively to achieve further success.



In partnership with other organisations, our Data Scientists are working on an innovative project to improve forecasting of water quality. Multiple data sources, including IoT sensors and open datasets are combined together by our Data Engineers to create a powerful set of information. Machine learning is applied to predict the levels of bacteria in the water. This innovative approach has the potential to provide alerts for environmental agencies and members of the public.

Data Opportunity Review

Our Data Opportunity Review is a cost-effective way to begin your Data Strategy definition. We align this high-level review of data and goals with your business strategy throughout, to help identify how advanced data analytics or artificial intelligence could transform your business.

Contact us to chat through how a Data Opportunity Review could inspire innovation and support your business goals.