Implement strong governance

Every organisation needs to look after its data in compliance with legal and ethical frameworks. Our Data Protection experts, along with our System Architects, can assess and evaluate your current environment and projects. Our straightforward and pragmatic approach helps your team:

  • ensure secure data storage and transfer in a changing environment

  • avoid legal and reputational risk from data protection breaches

  • understand when use of data may be unethical

As data usage and machine learning become more advanced, automated decision-making brings new challenges alongside the opportunities it presents. Robust frameworks must be put in place to identify and mitigate risk and ensure compliance with legal and ethical frameworks.

Data Protection Impact Assessments

Required for specific data projects and tasks, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) are the foundation of best practice. They ensure the data is considered before any activity is carried out, and the impact and purpose fully understood. They provide the confidence for an organisation to know its doing the right thing.



Our qualified staff acted as compliance officer for a client who did not have the required level of expertise in-house. This ensured that DPIAs were carried out properly, giving the client reassurance that all risks had been identified and mitigated across day-to-day operations



We regularly work with startups and tech companies in the early stage of their product development. Instead of risking moving forward with limited definition of the data, we work collaboratively with your business experts to build a secure, efficient and high quality data model from the start, reducing the risk of costly mistakes further down the line. In conjunction with a data strategy, it puts the business in the best possible place for success.

Keeping client data secure in fast-growth companies

As companies scale, adopting new tools or developing new approaches and software, risks can creep in. A Data Model is key to keep track of what data is being stored where, especially where data is transferred and transformed through different tools and processes

Safe and Secure data

Using your data effectively involves extracting, transforming and using it. Every stage has potential risk, and if not designed correctly could result in a data breach. Costs can escalate if it's over engineered, but balancing that with the risk is a specialised job.



Our client needed to be sure the app they were developing was secure, efficient and cost effective. Our experienced Data Engineers completed an Architecture review alongside our Data Protection Officers carrying out a Compliance Review. Potential improvements and cloud environment cost savings were identified as well as areas of risk and routes to mitigate these. The resulting environment gave confidence for progressing to the next phase of development.

Data Compliance and Privacy Audits

As experienced and qualified data specialists, we can give you peace of mind by carrying out Data Compliance and Privacy Audits, so you continue to comply with regulatory requirements as your organisation grows. This due diligence around your data architecture can also proactively prepare your business for future funding, investment rounds and acquisition.

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