Data Discovery Programme

Build your knowledge of data

How you capture, manage and use your data can have a big impact on your business – knowing how to do that requires skills and context that you may not have. This 5 week programme will start to build your skills and share approaches and best practice that will help you get the most from your data.​

Getting started with data

We’ll give you a good foundation of the approaches and terms used with lots of case studies to help you start thinking about your own environment.

I loved how this workshop gave me everything I need to explain to my colleagues how we can use our data to measure progress and support our decision making in our critical projects.

Using techniques I learned in the workshop, I changed the format of the data visuals in our monthly board reports to make sure they actually answered the questions we needed to understand, and were much easier to interpret.

Data storytelling and reporting

You’ll learn effective ways to visualise data and running an efficient process to create reports highlighting key insights and supporting rapid decision making.

Introduction to data management

We’ll explore the scope of data management, including data governance and security, and the risks of not getting it right.

This workshop helped me start to identify why we had issues around our process to extract data for our reports. It’s given me pointers on where to start making changes.

I didn’t realise there were common data quality issues that many people see. Learning how these are caused has given me the confidence to implement a new way to improve our data.

Understanding data quality

Understand what is meant by data quality and the different types of issues and their causes. We’ll look at ways to identify poor quality data and approaches on how they might be addressed.

Demystifying AI and predictive modelling

Understand what these terms really mean and how organisations like yours are using these approaches to drive their business.

I learned what many of the complex terms around AI really meant, and saw case studies that showed what it could actually do for an organisation like ours.

Data Skills Workshops

We can identify the needs within your current team and propose the right combination of workshops and skills development to create a data driven mindset to help you move to the next stage of your data journey. Whether you need more advanced session, or ones to help explain terminology and practical applications, we can help.

Contact us to chat through which workshops will help support your business goals