Reflections on Scottish Education Expo

Emma and Kate on-stage at the Scottish Education Expo

At the Scottish Education Expo last month, one of effini’s education experts, Emma Nylk, gave a talk alongside Kate Farrell, Director of Curriculum Development and Professional Learning at the University of Edinburgh, on teaching the world’s first school level qualification in data science. Reflecting back, Emma shares her thoughts.

Reflections on DATA:Scotland

John Bell, one of effini’s data education experts, reflects on his talk at DATA:Scotland and on the work needed to help young people develop their data skills

Stepping into a career in data

How could you go about finding out more before making a large commitment such as packing in a job and re-training for a whole new career?

The British Data Awards 2022

It is an exciting week here at Effini as we are a finalist in the British Data Awards 2022, which is taking place this Thursday, May 19th, in London. The awards are split across 19 categories, and we are delighted to say that we have been nominated for two: SME of the Year and Analytics Company of the Year.

Robotics, AI and Edinburgh

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) have always been a fascinating field that is often over-shadowed by the image portrayed in popular media. When you say the word ‘robot’, most likely something such as the Terminator will pop into your head, or the more child-friendly Wall-E.