Week note: 23 July 2021

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Another week…another new start!

Hot on the heels of Eleanor coming onboard permanently, we’re delighted to welcome back a familiar face. John Bell has worked with us on previous projects, but has joined our team of Learning Resource Developers to extend our work on data education for schools, colleges and beyond into the workplace. John has many years experience of teaching and training, including developing data courses for college staff. Combined with his MSc in Big Data, we are going to make great strides forward with our education work with all his skills on board.

Data Lessons

Johns first project is to help us develop a set of data lessons that can be used to learn data science either remotely or in a classroom environment. They align with the SQA NPA (National Progression Award) and PDA (Professional Development Award) qualifications but will be just as useful for anyone wanting to brush up on their data skills. If you are interested in trialling these lessons and giving us feedback, please do get in touch at hello@effini.com


Last week was also one of those weeks where I had a lot of calls around potential collaborations with other organisations.  We have our strengths, but are quick to recognise when we have gaps. 

Working as a partnership with another organisation can make for a really powerful team, and we’re always looking for opportunities to grow our knowledge and opportunities.  One collaboration we are already working on is the Forth Environmental Resilience Array, where we are providing AI driven water quality predictions as part of a demonstrator with University of Stirling, 3DEO and BT. A fascinating project, it has allowed us to work with experts in the area of water quality, 5G capabilities and map visualisations. The work has been presented back at various conferences, and is part of the overall UK Climate Resilience Programme.

Different Views

Working with different people can bring all sorts of different views…but so can sitting at a different desk! 

We’re looking forward to having an opportunity to get back into the office for a while in the coming week.  We’re usually based in the Bayes Centre which is a brilliant innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Edinburgh. It houses students, starts-ups, accelerators, businesses, and of course, The DataLab.  We’ve missed our interactions in the kitchen, and general chat and buzz of life.  It’s another area collaboration comes in. We are very much keen to develop opportunities to work with others based there – virtual coffee, or a real one, just give us a shout if you have an idea in your mind.

But we also rather like our flexibility and fluffy slippers that working from home brings.  So we’ll be very much mixing it up to suit each of us best and bring that good work life balance. Talking of which, this is a day late due to taking a much enjoyed day off in the sunshine!

have a great week folk, and if you’d like to hear more about any of the projects we’re working on, please do just get in touch.