Week Note: 20 August 2021

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Last week flew past in a flurry of meetings, projects and planning!  Edinburgh is normally a bit of a whirlwind in August anyway, and this year there is a small flavour of the usual Festival Fringe buzz in George Square.  It’s right next door to the office, so we’ve had a bit of a wander, and this week I went to my first show in two years, woohoo!

South of Scotland

Outside our regular project work, we’ve had a number of conversations with different folk and organisations based in the South of Scotland.  There is a real buzz of activity happening there and we’re keen to see how we can help support that.  One of the things I always find interesting is the huge range of people that we’ve worked with, from roles to the sectors they’re in, and how each one of them gains something from our workshops.  The types of organisations across these areas are really broad, and the more rural aspect brings it’s own challenges, but also some fantastic benefits.  Watch this space over the coming months as we share some of the work we’re going to be involved with.

Student Surveys

A great example of a project we’ve been working on recently which is based in a more rural area actually started as an MSc project for one of our data scientists.  Karen worked with University of the Highlands & Islands to create an automated mechanism to deliver analysis and reports of surveys completed by students.  While we’ve revisited this recently to further develop, a great blog piece appeared this week giving further details.  Take a look here if you’d like to read more.

Community Work

Another thing that’s taken up some of my time this week has been reviewing proposals for the PyData Global conference.  If you don’t know already, I’m one of the organisers of PyData Edinburgh, the local chapter of a worldwide organisation which is all about creating and supporting a community of open source tools in data.  Our local meetups runs monthly, but there are also conferences regularly, and the Global event is due to take place October 2021.  The Call for proposals has been open,  and that means lots and lots of proposals to read.  The organisers are very supportive of both getting a broad range of speakers and also making sure a broad range of people have opportunity to influence what will be talked about.  As such, lots of people from across the world will have reviewed proposals and offered their opinions, which we hope results in a good mix of speakers and subjects. 

We’re recruiting!

My final mention for now will be another exciting moment for us – growing our engineering team!  We have seen a steady growth in demand for our work designing secure and efficient pipelines to move, store and process data ready for analysis.  As such, we’re delighted to be advertising for a new member of the team.  It’s an early career level role, it may suit a graduate or someone with a year or two of experience.   We are always open to hear from anyone who has questions about what the role or any other aspect of the organisation.  Both Jo and I are passionate about giving opportunities to under represented groups, and I know that informal chats prior to formally applying for a job can make all the difference to someone seeing how they could fit for a role.  So feel free to reach out.

That’s all for now, we’ve a busy week of training, projects and new proposals coming up, plus I may be sneaking in a wee holiday!  Have a good week!