Week Note: 16 July 2021

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Data Strategy

Reflecting back on our previous week, there was a bit of a theme around “Strategy”. We ourselves are working through our plans and approaches and, as I’m sure you know, doing your own work around this always seems way harder than doing other people’s! A bit like writing your CV, having some external eyes to critique, challenge and inspire is always good. Speaking to those experts we trust is important for us, and we find it really drives us.

And we hope we can be part of that approach for others: Data Strategy has been at the forefront for a number of conversations we’ve been having about future projects.  Seeing data as a key asset is a big change for some, and if the strategic buy-in isn’t there, it will be very hard to maintain progress and demonstrate business value for future projects.   

We can be that external set of eyes: review, understand, and speak to those creating and using the data as well as those impacted by it’s use.  Defining a strategy that supports your Business Strategy, and creating a practical and do-able roadmap can make all the difference in being successful with data.  Having someone guide you, when it’s new and challenging, makes it all seem so much more achievable.

We’re growing again!

We’re delighted to say that we’ve grown again too! Eleanor Mitchell has actually been with us for the last three months on a contract, however we are delighted to say she is staying on with us. She most recently completed an MSc in Artificial Intelligence & Applications, and prior to that she had a varied career as a Senior Management Professional within the public and commercial sectors, and brings a wealth of experience which we will be making good use of.

Holistic Care Record

She’s been busy working in the SBRI Care Homes Innovation Challenge  and has made a great job of researching, coordinating and reporting on all the information to help us really address the challenge to achieve a Holistic Care Record for a resident in a care home.

Working in projects in this area, particularly at this time, is very thought provoking and it’s important  to discuss the ethical implications of how a really broad range of people, and their needs, can make best use of data and digital.  Our team needs to be varied in their skills, their approach and their ideas, and we’re delighted that Eleanor is going to be staying on permanently with us to bring all of her skills and experience to our future projects.

Watch this space because it’s not gonna be long till we grow again!

And with a big dose of sunshine, it was a pretty good week!   This week is starting of a little greyer, but we have high hopes for it again.