Week Note: 06 Aug 2021

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A Quiet Week

So this morning I got my regular email from MS teams informing me that I just had 15 quiet days. So that was nice to know..bit of a surprise to be perfectly honest. The problem with tools like that they need the data my calendar doesn’t always reflect if I’m busy or not.

My days don’t always revolve around planned meetings with clients.  They also involve the practical work that I’m going to be doing.  Or keeping our CRM up to date. They might involve informal chats with my team. It might involve clients calling me up and just having a chat with me.  All of those things mean I work all my hours!

I often have quiet days and it actually annoyed me when I received that email because it reflected back something that just isn’t my reality. And what was the fundamental reason for this?

Gaps in your data

Not having the right data means the outcome wasn’t valid.  It’s something we often have to demonstrate to a client about their own data – what you don’t have is just as important to consider as what you do have.  Make sure you don’t focus too narrowly on what you want to achieve, and end up with a meaningless outcome. People lose trust in a tool, or report, when they see something they know is wrong.

Actually, it was kind of quiet

There was some aspect of the last week that actually meant it was a quieter one than usual, but in a very different way from what that message meant!  Almost half the team have been on holiday and as well as some of our clients.  That gave us a wee bit time to focus on some of our internal projects that sometimes drop in terms of priorities. 

Case Studies

Case studies were one of those things.  We’ve some fantastic projects with our clients over the years, and we often use them as examples to help us win new pieces of work.  But we don’t make much of a song and dance about them – but we think we really should!  So watch this space, we are cracking on with getting some of them out onto our website to share with you all.

Talking of new pieces of work…

We had two brilliant wins this week on proposals we’ve been waiting to hear back on.  They are very different from each other, and will need a different set of skills and different team members.  Won’t share any more right now on those but we can hopefully do so in the not too distant future.

So this week is a mixture of new projects kicking off and some others in the final stages.  Our birthday picnic is also scheduled but weather report looking dodgy – we shall we see what happens.  Have a lovely week!