Week Note: 04 October 2021

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I’ve just been enjoying some holidays.  I went for almost full digital switch off – Scottish island, no mains electricity, no Wi-Fi [although at certain angles when balanced precariously on your tippy toes you did actually get quite a good 4G signal!) and set myself a challenge or genuinely not reading work emails.

Switching off…

It’s really hard when you’re running a business not to have a constant stream of thoughts; to do lists; people you need to talk to; documents you need to write; plans you need to formalise; there’s always something.

I kind of felt like my brain was fool (I should note that that was a dictation problem – it picked the wrong version of ‘full’ but I’ve left it as it seemed weirdly apt!).

So armed with a stout pair of welly boots, a fully stocked Kindle, a big bag of yarn for knitting, and plenty of cheese & wine to keep us going, we escaped.

But I can’t deny that well away from my usual routines, some work things were still floating through my head.  But most were about general thoughts and ideas, not specific tasks, and I quite enjoyed actually feeling that I had time to think about them rather than the pressure of the next meeting, deadlines etc, you know the sort of thing.

Data Strategy for Tourism

So I wrote the draft of an upcoming talk for Traveltech Scotland. We’ll be sharing thoughts and ideas on how data can really make a difference for businesses working in the travel and tourism area.  I’ve worked with really large organisations in this area open ( I spent a couple of years working on projects with Skyscanner, giving me invaluable experience how an organisation like that can find value and purpose from the information they capture) and also much smaller organisations. They often had great ideas and aspirations, but what they lacked was the skills and experience to put that into practice. And that’s where we came in, and it’s what we do for people across many different sectors.  So I hope you can join us to hear more about that, and see how having a Data Strategy can really help provide structure and purpose to what you’re doing.


One of the other things I thought about a lot was the sessions I’ve been doing with Unlocking Ambition. Last month was all about purpose, October is all about leadership. It’s something that Jo and I care really passionately about and it’s an area I particularly feel you need to listen to others about.  We all constantly learn, improve and change our own approaches.  None of us are perfect, we’ve all got it wrong, and I like to think I’ve learnt from experiences.  Hearing how others have done it can let us learn from others mistakes!

All about me!

This all kicks off this week, and our homework included having to do a Personal Profile assessment.  If truth be told I’m always slightly sceptical of these things after ones in the past where, when discussing the results with others we have discovered with we’ve all got a really similar, very generic list of stuff.  This one has definitely captured parts of me – Jo and I have swapped to read each other’s so it will be interesting to hear her opinions of the parts I think are less like me! Maybe I’ll share any revelations in weeks to come!

So…on with another week, loads to do and need to get my head back into gear – really excited about projects we’re working on and plenty to keep us busy.

We have exciting news coming up in the next few weeks about our team – watch this space!