Week Note: 01 Aug 2021

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August already! I know we always say these things, but this year has truly just flown past. We’ve been so busy (which I am very grateful for) that summer has flown past.

Back in the Bayes!

Last week brought a moment of excitement – some of us went back into the office for the first time in 18 months!  For some it was a first as they’d never been in The Bayes Centre before. 

We were delighted to see the team who have kept the building ticking along over the last year, and who have been working hard to make it a safe and comfortable environment for us to slowly start coming back into. We always had a flexible approach to where our team worked, with most of us already working a few days from home. But not having the option is a bit of a game changer.

Our desk calendar was stuck in the past! One of the things I found quite challenging was that it didn’t feel like “my” space.  I like my pens, my post-its, my seven shades of lipstick ready to go at a moments notice of a zoom call!  We need to keep clear desks to make sure they can be thoroughly cleaned, but it did make me realise some of what makes my working environment a really comfortable place for me.    We each have a different sense of what that is – and it’s good to have the option of being in an office or at home, so we can each make the best decision. It was ncie to see the ducks though!


The other big event of the week was our 4th birthday.  You may have already seen our post and the fabulous birthday caked baked and decorated for us by Jo’s daughter.  Effini has evolved along the way, and adapted to the needs of the organisations and clients we’ve met along the way.  We’re excited about some upcoming developments we have, and all the things we’ll achieve in the next four years!

Getting Started

All our projects start with proposals, and a big part of the last week was writing some. Jo and I have been rattling through quite a few for some very interesting projects we hope to progress with.   Our clients come from all sorts of different sectors, and some big, some very small. Each have different expectations and requirements when it comes to proposals.  Some worry that they need to have some enormous, complex data problem before they come to folk like us for help.  But that’s not true, and I find it as interesting to talk to the small organisations as I do the large. But we find ways to work with all, and slow and steady progress is often the best approach. Doing a small introductory project is a good way for both parties to make sure we can work together effectively – a really important part of any project. And now we wait…always a nerve wracking bit when submitting proposals for work we really feel we’re a great fit for.

This week will see some exciting progress with data visualisations, a final presentation for a project in the final stages and a some progress on our new initiatives – stay tuned for progress reports on these! You can follow us on Twitter to make sure you dont miss them. And I’ll be running the monthly meetup for PyData Edinburgh on Thursday – a free to attend event about data, you’re most welcome to join, just click to join up. Have a great week!

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