Week Note: 02 June 2021

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What a busy month we’ve just had!

A number of projects have wrapped up in June, including a collaboration with User Vision  to research and develop data personas for Scottish Government.  A fascinating piece of work, it’s led to interesting and valuable understandings of the types of people and activities using data within the scope of the public sector.  We hope the work will help future projects understand their audience and purpose.

New projects

Taking the place of those we’re finishing, a number of new projects have kicked off including a second with Caring Together, funded through Catalyst.  A charity based in the south of England, they are focused on supporting carers.  We first worked with them in 2020, helping them gain better insight from their complex data sources.  By creating up to date, visual dashboards of their data, they’re able to constantly evolve and refine their capabilities and deliver an ever improving service for their users and staff.

Skills accreditation

In house, we’re continuing to grow our skills and expertise too, and are delighted our Head of Engineering Chris Wilson has passed his Azure Fundamentals. Our clients can have quite different needs, so we’re fairly platform agnostic.  But that means we need to build our expertise across a number of platforms so it’s great to get a formal qualification to show capability. 

Free workshops

New this month has been our “Effective Data Skills for Business” sessions which we were delighted to be able to offer for free thanks to funding from the Scottish Government through Data Skills for Work at The Datalab. We got some amazing feedback, and are delighted to say we are able to offer further sessions. 

Get in touch at hello@effini.com to find out more – at present they are for any organisation in the Scottish Border or Dumfries and Galloway.

Scottish AI alliance leadership circle.

We’re thrilled our COO Sam Rhynas has joined the  Scottish AI alliance leadership circle.  A first meeting kicked off the group, and there are great plans, we’re looking forward to hear more in the future.

So what does July hold in store?

There’s lots of school holidays, camping, exploring and having some fun coming up! Plenty of new project work too, and we’re really excited to be growing the team too, so stay tuned for an update on that. Our 4th birthday is towards the end of July so we’re putting plans in place for a picnic to celebrate, maybe our next blog will have some pics!