What’s your data problem?

This week, Sam tells us about her recent attendance at Doqaru’s fantastic Sales Mastery Programme, and explores the most common data challenges that businesses experience.

Data Strategy

Protecting your data

How well protected is your data? Most of us know about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) but we often find people aren’t using it. Why is that, given cybercrime is constantly on the rise?


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Data Strategy

How secure is your data?

Do you leave the front door of your office wide open when you walk in? Pop a chair in front of it to make it easy for others to walk in? It’s likely you wouldn’t do it for a number of reasons, but a key one would be your security.

Data Strategy

AI Readiness

We are working more and more in the AI space, and a key part of any work we do is ensuring we are compliant, adhering to suitable governance policies, and generally doing good quality data management.

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