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Meet the team: Jo Watts

For this weeks Meet the Team, we are talking to effini’s CEO, Dr Jo Watts. We chat about her background looking to the stars, to finding the value in data.

|2 December 2022
Meet the team: Jon Date

For this weeks Meet the team, we chat with Jon Date, effini’s Digital Communication Specialist. We talk about understanding the data world from a journalistic background and his love of books.

|18 November 2022
Meet the team: Dymock Brett

In this week’s Meet the team, we are chatting with Dymock Brett, one of effini’s software engineers. We talk about using Python, building your skill-set and learning a new language.

|11 November 2022
Meet the team: Chris Wilson

This week we're getting to know effini’s Head of Engineering and resident sourdough gourmet, Chris Wilson, as he talks about his role at effini and what he enjoys most about his work.

|28 October 2022
Meet the team: Kamal Kaskasoli

This week we are getting to know Kamal, one of effini’s Software Engineers, and his path into the world of data, the variety in his work and caring for houseplants.

|21 October 2022
Reflections on Scottish Education Expo

At the Scottish Education Expo last month, one of effini’s education experts, Emma Nylk, gave a talk alongside Kate Farrell, Director of Curriculum Development and Professional Learning at the University of Edinburgh, on teaching the world’s first…

|5 October 2022
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