effini at Glasgow Tech Week

Sam tells us about her very interesting trip to Glasgow, where she picked up useful information about where companies can look for funding help with their data and AI initiatives

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Effini Digital

It’s been a busy week already, and it started with a great day in Glasgow catching up with folk I think I’ve not seen since pre-covid! Was a pleasure to catch up with Elizabeth Hollinger and her delightful wee one, there was lots to chat about, I do enjoy getting together with someone else passionate about data.

The afternoon was my first event in Glasgow Tech Week. I attended the ScaleUp Britain event, hearing about the many opportunities for funding, support and advisors that are out there.

I was really interested to see the information shared about the barriers, all too often organisations we’re speaking to are desperate to be able to get us to support them to work really effectively with AI, automation and data, but they are struggling with costs.

It was incredible useful for me to hear from the experts in the room about alternative opportunities, and I must give a shout out to Louis Taylor of the British Business Bank and Lisa Hazelden of Innovate UK Business Connect who offered some really useful insights into specific challenges we have around funding for key educational projects.

A great start to the week – shout out to all who made this happen including Alisdair Gunn who I saw diving about taking lots of photos, I hope the rest of the week goes really well too!