Data Education walk and talk

A sunny walk and bagels are on the menu as our COO Sam Rhynas talks data education and how to develop the right resources for data and AI

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Effini Digital

My new favourite way to discuss data education on Friday mornings! Stroll in the park, and breakfast in a fabulous local cafe (have you tried Cocorico in Leith? Wonderful!).

A great conversation with the lovely Kate Farrell – both frustrated about that challenges we face around funding opportunities and approaches to continuing to develop the core resources for educating our children and young people (and indeed anyone who wants it) about data and AI.

The thing I’ve found about everyone I engage with on this topic (and doing fantastic work already in this area) is the passion and knowledge they want to share. The challenges are the bigger picture, joined up thinking and getting the right funding in the right places.

effini is going to be reaching out to colleges across Scotland to share more information about our data resources for teaching data skills. They’re free to use, easily accessible and give educators a huge head start in learning more themselves about data and AI.

Get in touch, share this article, point people to me, we want to talk to you and get more visibility and support in place for those who are doing the amazing work of delivering our data education.