PowerBI on the Data for Leaders programme

Our Data Education expert, John Bell, enjoys running his latest interactive PowerBI workshop at Dundee and Angus College.

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Effini Digital

On Friday I was lucky enough to be at Dundee and Angus College‘s beautiful Gardyne campus, delivering an introductory workshop on PowerBI as part of the Data for Leaders programme.

The day focused on using Power BI’s capabilities to extract insights from data, and we developed data skills using a range of business scenarios. The learning was technical, but always firmly grounded in how the technology can be used to improve organisational decision-making.

Power BI is such a powerful tool for straightforwardly creating data visualisations, and for more advanced business analytics such as forecasting (predictive analytics) and identifying factors that influence outcomes (diagnostic analytics).

I really enjoy running interactive workshops like this, especially when the attendees are so engaged and interested, and ask lots of questions (as Friday’s attendees did). It’s great to watch attendees tackle problems that I’ve set, pulling together their own extensive expertise and the skills they’ve gained from the day, and overhear conversations between them about how they could apply what they’re learning to their own organisations. That’s very satisfying.

Thanks to Laura Louch for the invitation and to the attendees for being such a great group.