AI at the Entrepreneurial Exchange

Photo credit: Lynn Houmdi

Sam Rhynas speaks at the Entrepeneurial Exchange at Napier University, highlighting the need to increase data literacy outside the technology industry.

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Effini Digital

What a fantastic night at the Entrepreneurial Exchange last week. My ChatGPT hat* made an appearance, I got to listen to the other two great speakers and I made some fantastic connections. Thanks so much for the invitation to participate. Many thanks to Abhishek Agarwal for the invitation, and to Morven Skirving for looking after us!
There was such a broad range of people in the room, and it was exciting to see so many people interested in how we take AI into our businesses, and make a real success of it.

One key reason I was really happy to get involved with this event is that it was hosted by the Business School at Edinburgh Napier University, and it was great to hear from the dean, Christine Cross.

A key message I’ve been discussing in different forums is getting AI and data out of just the technology areas.

We need so many different people involved to ensure we are doing ‘the right thing’ in so many contexts. Business expertise, customer experience experts, comms folk, creative visuals experience, compliance knowledge, legal advice, ethical awareness, just so many things to make our solutions purposeful, ethical and trustworthy.

If we’re not increasing data literacy across these skill sets, we’ll just end up with more folk feeling out of the loop and fail to build the workforce we need.

If you are an education organisation, of any shape, we have free-to-use teaching resources for the NPA and PDA qualifications – if you’d like to find out more, please get in touch and we’d be happy to share all the information you’ll need to get started sharing data literacy across ALL your learners.