University of Edinburgh AI Accelerator

Photo credit: Bayes Center, University of Edinburgh

Our Head of Engineering, Chris Wilson, tells us about the showcase event for the AI Accelerator programme in Edinburgh, and how technical architecture reviews help our clients.

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Effini Digital

Spent a very interesting afternoon this week attending the EdinAIAccelerator24 Showcase, with 12 great companies showing off their innovations in Health, Climate and AI for Good.

In my role at effini I had the pleasure of sitting on a Technical Architecture Review panel back in November as part of the AI Accelerator programme, where we talked to and advised some of the companies about their scalability plans for the future as they looked to grow rapidly. The companies – Soil Benchmark and Dyneval – are continuing to grow and they both presented great pitches at the event. Congratulations on the winners of the best pitches in each of their categories: Bennu, Dyneval & My SMASH Media!

I took the opportunity to meet some of the other 12 companies that participated. They all have fascinating data, with different challenges facing them in the future. One really important prerequisite to unlocking AI is ensuring that your data is ready for it. This means it needs collected, cleaned and labelled correctly which in turn needs an efficient, secure and scalable data architecture to manage it all.

We’ve talked through these principles in more detail in the Technical Architecture Review panel in the last two years of the AI Accelerator programme and continue to do this for many other clients. 

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about how we can provide independent technical architecture reviews to give you confidence that you and your infrastructure can scale successfully.