What's your data problem?

This week, Sam tells us about her recent attendance at Doqaru’s fantastic Sales Mastery Programme, and explores the most common data challenges that businesses experience.

I had a fantastic opportunity last week to take part on a two day session with Doqaru Limited and their sales mastery programme.  It started with a roadtrip with 4 amazing women Nasira Rauf Bradley , Sarah Lachhab (thanks to her selfie-taking skills!) , Asma Abdullah and Dinara Izmaylova – we had a wonderful journey learning about each others business and ambitions. And that continued for the next two days – rooms filled with an amazing range of people and businesses. We all had opportunity to share and discuss challenges, and learn key skills to help grow our sales opportunities. As always, I learnt so much from all the attendees too, and enjoyed so many conversations about quite an incredible range of topics.

Throughout those conversations, I thought about each and every one of those businesses, and it made me reflect on the fact that throughout my career I’ve had incredible opportunity to work closely with a many different of sectors, spanning from healthcare to finance, tourism to education.

We’ve been asked previously if we should specialise on one of those but, despite the many differences between these industries, a fascinating pattern emerges: the top challenges surrounding data and AI are strikingly similar, regardless of the sector.

We’ve found it to our advantage to be able to explore, innovate and solve problems within each, and bring innovation, methodologies and our learnings to new areas.

Do we become the experts in those sectors?  No – but I strongly believe in team work – working collaboratively with our customers ( who ARE the experts when it comes to their sectors) we build far more successful solutions which are more readily adopted across the organisation.

The most common challenges we see are:

❓ Which of these rings most true for you ❓

And the reason I think we see these problems so much?

🔴 Lack of resource – people, time and money

🔴 Limited data skills – some practical skills with Excel, and limited awareness of more advanced techniques – even within Excel itself

🔴 Lack of management buy in – juggling many plates can limit the time to grow their own data literacy, so they struggle to see why data is a key component of their strategic vision.

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to explore each of these topics and share thoughts and approaches you can take to overcome each – starting with leadership.

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