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In the second edition of Sam’s new LinkedIn newsletter, she takes the opportunity to do a quick getting-to-know-effini for those that are new to us

I’m delighted to see many people I don’t know sign up for this newsletter, as well as of course those I do!   But even for those I know, it occurred to me you might not actually know all about what we do on a day-to-day basis. So today I’m doing a short getting-to-know-us. Our focus is helping any organisation, whatever the size, to use data, AI and automation to do their job better.  That means different things for different people, and as such a big part of my role is helping to understand their needs, but also helping THEM to understand more about what it really means. Data and AI are areas just full of buzz words – and it can be incredibly daunting, whether you are in a leadership role or not, to know how to really get started.  There’s lots of theory, lots of complex explanations, but what we try to do is take it back to simple, plain language and really practical steps forward. 📍 We’ve an extensive programme of workshops for start-ups, scaleups and established organisations.  I’ve seen start-ups fail as they try to scale due to lack of a strategic vision around data and AI.  Or established organisations struggle to grow as they lacked data literacy to help them make the most of their valuable asset.  We can help people learn what all of this means, and use it to drive change in the organisation. Sometime that measn bespoke training too, it’s always fun to learn more about a new sector and ensuring our data skills blend together seamlessly.
🔴🟢🟣 I’ll be sharing some of the common challenges we hear from business who come along to our training in later editions of this newsletter – so keep following for top tips. 🔴🟢🟣
📍 Sometimes though it’s all about having a plan – and our practical roadmaps we produce from our Data Strategy reviews give you a really achievable yet ambitious approach.  They’ll let you budget your costs, plan skills development, and define goals and metrics to help you achieve your goals. 📍 Our practical skills mean we can implement these solutions too – our teams can build automation to save you from these time consuming manual steps you’re doing with excel and other tools, and get you started using AI to speed up your operations.
🔴🟢🟣  What’s the task you complain about most that involves you copying data, moving it around, dealing with poor quality, trying to find it for your metrics or reports?  Let me know in the comments, perhaps I can share some top tips! 🔴🟢🟣
📍 And sometimes we will take on an interim leadership role for an organisation while they grow and scale. We can ensure you’re on track with your roadmap, ensure high quality project delivery and support and coach your own staff as they develope and upskill to take on a data focused role. 📍We are also focused on developing the future workforce – our free educational resources for schools and colleges are now being used across Scotland beyond, and have been developed into courses such as the Datalab’s Data Management Fundamentals. These resources, and the need for them, are growing, and we are looking for opportunities to collaborate with organisations and individuals who are driven to make sure Scotland is leading the way with our data and AI education.
🔴🟢🟣  Are you in an educational environment and want to know more about these free to use resources?  Or are you in an organisation that could collaborate and support their creation? Drop me a message and I'd be happy to chat 🔴🟢🟣
📍 On a personal level, I’m a regular speaker at events and conferences and run Girl Geek Scotland.  I sit on the Scottish AI Alliance Leadership Circle, focusing on Scotland’s AI Strategy. I’m also co-organiser for the Edinburgh chapter of PyData, a global community for users of open-source data tools for analytics and AI.
🔴🟢🟣 What have I not shared with you that you wanted to know?  Add a comment or drop me a DM 🔴🟢🟣
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