Getting started

Our COO Sam Rhynas introduces us to her brand-new LinkedIn newsletter. New articles will be published weekly – see the link at the bottom to sign up!

I’ve been thinking about a newsletter for a while, and a few folk have asked me about the weeknotes I used to regularly do. I have been writing more and more, though interestingly sometimes more for personal reflection than sharing.

I write about our work, the challenges we face, the common issues our clients contend with, and approaches, ideas, and innovations on how data and AI can support any business in growing and achieving its goals

I talk about best practice, approaches to working with data, and really practical ideas as to how organisations, no matter how small, can get benefit with small, incremental changes, not just giant leaps forward.

I also discuss the challenges that come with running a business, being a woman in tech, and a human-being making their way in the world. I may rant a lot on these topics 😉

I share ideas and approaches, and stories about the volunteer groups I’m involved with, and mentoring and support.

I hope I do all of this in open, accessible language that, no matter what level of technical and data literacy you’re at, you find relatable and clear.

Unravelling complex ideas is a core value of our business – we want anyone to be able to understand data and AI to the level they need.

So if you are interested in joining my story, please click to sign up to the newsletter.

And do I ask anything of you? Share your thoughts, engage and discuss, be respectful and interested to learn.  I love to engage with others, and happy to hear if there are any topics you'd like me to dig into.

I look forward to our journey…

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