The Data We Don't Know

Popular dates – I’ve got 7 invitations to events sitting in my mailbox right now for the 7th March! So thank you for all the invitations as they all look great, but mostly I’m going to have to decline.

Added to the list is the fact that #InternationalWomensDay is on the 8th, and as it’s best to avoid a Friday night for an event, there are a number of other events happening on the Thursday (watch this space for Girl Geek Scotland news!).

As an event organiser, it’s super hard to not overlap. Before Christmas, we ended up with a Girl Geek Scotland and Diverse AI event on the same night – such a shame as I’d love to have made it along.

We check school holidays, think about religious days, look for local festivites, World Cups, all sorts of things to try and make sure we can have a good turn out.

The data you DON’T have is sometimes the key data you need to make good, well informed decisions.  But figuring out what you need can be a challenge, and having a good strategic view on what you’re trying to achieve with data is key.

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