Getting Started with Data and AI workshops

We’ve just announced the first of four Data and AI workshops in collaboration with Scottish Enterprise Scotland – booking now for 6th of December.

More and more we’re hearing from SME’s who’re struggling to make sense of the data and AI landscape right now. Frequent change, constantly hearing of new tools and thinking everyone else is sitting doing nothing while AI takes over! It’s really misleading and not helping anyone make meaningful progress.

We’re going to take a simple and straight-forward approach to understanding what’s really going on with your data, and how AI could fit in with achieving your goals.

We’ll think about the commercial opportunities it can bring, and address some key areas you need to be thinking about to make sure you’re planning for success.

A space for you to ask all the questions you’ve been thinking about, we’ll use case studies to help see how it can really deliver solutions.

Places are limited, and we’ve seen a real rush to get these with previous sessions, so book yourself in for this first of four sessions as soon as you can.
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Effini Digital