Data training with Women in Data

Our COO Sam Rhynas reflects on another successful training course delivered as part of the Women In Data movement.

Here at effini, we had another fantastic session this week delivering a Women In Data course with Dundee and Angus College, The Data Lab – Innovation Centre and Equate Scotland.

These courses are aimed at supporting those thinking about changing their career – whether that’s a full pivot into a whole new role, or to grow in their own organsiation to use more data to achieve their goals.

It’s a safe space to learn terminology, ask any question they’ve always wanted to and a place to start building their network of people interested in data. And from all the feedback we have received, it’s fun, interesting and you always learn a little something extra!

Bonus learning extras we got this week included:
🔧 “how to bleed a radiator”,
🐄 “why cows have passports” and
💩 ” why you shouldn’t go wild swimming near the mouth of a river the day after heavy rain” .

It honestly was all data related!

We face a shortage of skills in this area, but employers are still often recruiting in the same way they always have.

I have met amazingly talented people whose backgrounds have been very different – from mine, from each others and from the more traditional academic route into data we see. But they bring extensive knowledge of a particular sector, or the data in a particular role or the ability to work really successfully in an organisation with strong communication and project delivery skills.

These are skills that develop over time, and combined with the data fundamentals they seek to learn, organisations recruiting from this pool will find themselves with fantastic employees with real ambition.

The college is running more of these courses – and we are so keen to see these fully funded places used to bring maximum benefit to the community in Tayside.

Please share this info with those you think it could help (there are open session for anyone as well as women specific) and get in touch with the college if you are interested in attending.

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