Inspirational Woman of the Year

Congratulations to our very own Sam Rhynas who achieved well-deserved recognition at the Scotland Women in Tech awards yesterday.

So…last night didn’t go as planned.  Gridlocked traffic, power failures on trainlines, pouring with rain.  So there should have been a picture of me looking super glamorous in my evening wear, however it turned out to be lucky that I was in a puffy coat and woolly bonnet!

But the good news…I’m truly delighted to have won Inspirational Woman of the Year from the Scotland Women in Technology awards! I was quite gobsmacked as I sat glued to social media and then got a flurry of texts making sure I knew (thank you lovely people 🙂 I shall celebrate this evening with a cocktail or two!

The thing I have found amazing about awards like this isn’t the winning, or the taking part or any of that stuff (lovely though it is!) It’s the fact it opens up more opportunities to meet amazing women out there doing all sorts of good work. I get my inspiration from talking to them, hearing their ideas and ambitions, and it fires me up to go forth and do more myself!

Congratulations to all the winners, the wonderful women also nominated for this, the finalists and everyone who put effort into the many parts that makes things like this work!

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