Exciting Times for Dundee City!

Photo by Thomas Mills on Unsplash

When I started working with clients in Dundee, over 15 years ago, other folk sometimes expressed surprise at the types of projects I was getting involved with: Innovation in healthcare, AI projects & Global research projects.

With incredibly talented people (that I learnt loads from), these projects were ground breaking in all sorts of areas.

But the general public in Scotland, and beyond, seemed unaware and of the opinion that all of the tech innovation was in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Fast forward a few years and it’s so exciting to see this strategic vision on how to grow and accelerate this innovation.

We’re working with new and exciting clients in Tayside and, in conjunction with Dundee and Angus College and The Datalab, are delivering training workshops around data literacy and the opportunities and skills needed to work in this area. And with some of our team (including one dog and one cat 🤩) living in the area, we are so pleased to see this plan to really drive forward change.

We look forward to seeing where this takes Dundee, and us!
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Effini Digital