Another Year Older!

We’re thrilled to share that effini has turned 6! It’s one of those special moments in our calendar that encourages us to take a moment and reflect on our journey so far, where we are now, and where we’re headed.

This year has undoubtedly brought its own unique set of challenges compared to the “Covid years.” We were able to work in the office full time (if we wanted!), meet clients face-to-face and attend networking opportunities. Though it turns out it’s quite tiring to do all those things – have we lost some energy levels over the past few years?

Throughout the year, we’ve had the honour of speaking at various events, discussing topics like Data Strategy, the impact of AI, and practical steps for charities to enhance their Data Management. Our CEO Jo Watts, once again, had the privilege of being part of the esteemed judging panel for the British Data Awards, while our COO Samantha Rhynas continued her valuable work with the Scottish AI Alliance leadership circle.

Our range of workshops in our DataHub has grown, as has the team delivering these. Our new ‘Data By Design’ mentored programme is supporting innovative tech startups in understanding the importance of considering data from the very start of their journey to unlock its full commercial value.

As always, our clients are the heart of what makes our work enjoyable. The sectors include energy efficiency, healthy ageing, the games industry and supporting refugees. Our Data Engineers have created efficient and effective automated processes and dashboards so that the clients can focus on learnings from that data. We work collaboratively with all our clients – they bring the sector knowledge, we bring the data expertise.

Our Data Education team has continued to deliver high quality lessons for use in schools and colleges. This year has seen that extend into sessions to help build the skills in teachers themselves to be able to deliver these, a fantastic step forward to ensuring we improve data literacy at every level.

It’s not all been easy, the current economic climate has definitely had an impact and clients are having to make hard choices. We are so grateful for the support we have been given by a number of key supporters when times have been hard and we’ve needed advice, help and sometimes a bit of a gentle nudge! That has included the community we gained when we took part in the Unlocking Ambition programme. Talking to other people who run their own business can honestly make such a big difference when tough decisions need made.

We’re looking forward to what the next year brings, and we’re excited that we’ll be rolling out some new programmes in the coming weeks.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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