Meet the Team: Sam Rhynas

For our Meet The Team post today, we are getting to know our COO Sam Rhynas. She talks about knitting, the outdoors, and a passion for inclusivity and diversity in the tech sector.

Sam Rhynas, COO
What is your role at effini?

“As the COO, I’m responsible for making sure things work effectively, including our processes, policies, and the tools we use. Working with our clients is also a major part of my job, both creating and managing the relationships we have with them. I like to keep hands on with projects though, and still get excited if I get to do some analysis work.”

How did you get into data?

“After graduating as a Software Engineer, I focused on the operational side of delivering software and services, from automated testing to continuous deployment. The first product I worked on was for data analysis and predictive modelling. Working with clients using that tool showed me how powerful data could be. I started looking for more and more opportunities to use data to help me better manage my own role. And now I use the same ideas, concepts and approaches to help other people manage their businesses better with data.”

What is your favourite part of your job?

“Translating data into real world stories is a real interest to me. Data is often created or affected by human behaviour, and I really enjoy looking for the patterns and stories, understanding how they relate to the environment I’m working in, and finding ways to use it more effectively to help the organisation.”

When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing?

“I’m a maker! With a whole craft-room to choose from, I’m regularly knitting, sewing, paper crafts, all sorts. My cat really likes my knitting too, though mainly as a spot to take a nap. I’ve been thinking about getting a Bayes Centre craft meetup going! I also love to get outdoors, from hillwalking to island bagging (at 16 on last count).

I’m passionate about inclusivity and diversity in the tech sector and co-lead Girl Geek Scotland. I’m also an organiser for the monthly Pydata Edinburgh meetup a global community for those using open source tools for data.”

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