Meet the Team: Dymock Brett

In this week’s Meet the team, we are chatting with Dymock Brett, one of effini’s software engineers. We talk about using Python, building your skill-set and learning a new language.

Dymock Brett

What is your role at effini and what does that involve?

“I am a Software Engineer at effini, spending a lot of time focused on Data Engineering for our clients. I build systems to join and transform data so that it can be analysed and used to help the business. I use a variety of programming languages and cloud technologies for different platforms, including Azure and AWS. I’ve also worked on internal projects including our new website we’ve recently built.”

What got you interested in data and what led to you to a career in it?

“It was a slow change for me into data from a less technical background. I taught myself coding, started with Python and began to build up a portfolio of example projects to show my skills. I decided I wanted to do some more formal training, so I completed two bootcamps, including one focused on Full Stack Development and completed further training in data. I started looking for a role in Data Engineering as this brought the varied set of skills I enjoyed together.”

What do you enjoy most about your work?

“With software development, you are constantly learning and building your skills. There is often new approaches and tools, which means that the solution you used last time might not be the best available now. So I get to investigate new technologies and make sure we make the best choice for our clients.”

What do you enjoy doing with your time when you are away from work?

“I am currently learning to read Arabic, which I’m enjoying. I think it might be a little more time before I can speak it fluently though. At the moment, I am working on understanding the Arabic alphabet.”

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