Meet the Team: Kamal Kaskasoli

Kamal Kaskasoli, Software Engineer

This week we are getting to know Kamal, one of effini’s Software Engineers, and his path into the world of data, the variety in his work and caring for houseplants.

You are approaching your 1-year anniversary of working with effini. What got you into working in the data world?

“I graduated from university during lockdown and I was thinking of what my next step would be, and I considered doing a Masters. As I was thinking on what I would do a Masters in, I saw a post on the Reddit forum ‘r/dataisbeautiful’. This got me thinking about it and considering a career in data. This led to me doing my Masters in Data Science and Data Engineering. As I was going through the course, I found the Data Engineering side of things to be something I enjoyed and it was where I moved more towards. As part of my thesis, I did an internship with Heineken as a Data Engineer, where my then line manager recommended I apply for my current role at effini as a Software Engineer. Several months on, I have nearly completed my first year here.”

What is your favourite part of your job?

“As each project and assignment is different, it means that there is a lot of variety in my role. When we begin a new project, there can be a hundred different ways to approach it. This means that you are always figuring something new out each time and it is exciting to learn tools and techniques that you might not have used before. Even if it is only for a short while, it means you are always presented with new challenges and continuously building your skillset.”

In your profile picture, you have an impressive collection of house plants. Would you say you are bit of plant person?

Kamal's newest addition is this Moreton Bay Chestnut Tree
Kamal’s newest addition is this Moreton Bay Chestnut Tree

“Yeah, I love plants and I grow quite a few different things. I have a Maranta ‘Prayer Plant’ that I have been growing for over 3 years now, I would say that might be one of the most impressive in my collection. I’ve been able to grow 4 more of them from the one plant, so it keeps adding to my indoor greenery.”


Henry VII, looking truly splendid

This needs to be asked, as it is important that people know. What is the name of your cockatiel?

“His name is Henry VII. He is the 7th pet I have had called Henry and so I think you understand the name.”

You can read more from Kamal on his LinkedIn.

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