Reflections on the Digital Transformation Summit

Our COO Sam Rhynas reflects on last week’s Digital Transformation Summit…

What comes first - data or digital?

An invitation to speak at DIGIT’s Digital Transformation Summit was a welcome start to properly getting back out to conferences again. Often data is something that’s just seen as a subset of a digital transformation. Unfortunately that’s a cause of many issues we see with clients who are quite far along with that process but haven’t yet got to grips with their data.

So getting the opportunity to discuss the issues and share my vision of a Data Strategy here was great. I hope the attendees went away thinking more about how they could start thinking about the long term vision of their data.

The other speakers shared some great stories and ideas. From Nicola Harvey of Edinburgh Council and the challenges with bins, to Ed Alford of New Look and the massive transformation process they are going through as they work to deliver a very different type of shopping experience. I found these two in particular really interesting, and now I’m longing to get my hands on the bin data 😉

A really broad range of attendees meant there was lot of interesting chat to be had, from old colleagues, like Karen and Esther, who’re working on new and exciting ventures to new contacts who are also tearing their hair out at similar challenges that I presented. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about this type of event, getting a chat to discuss, challenge and learn from others working in this area. A great event overall, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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