Meet the Team: Lola the Dog

For this edition of Meet The Team, we are getting to know Lola the Vice-President of Afternoon Snoozes. Read on to see how Lola works to fit a nap into every workday and her never-ending quest to find the biggest stick she can pick up.

What is Lola’s job at effini?

Lola holds the role of Vice-President of Afternoon Snoozes and takes her role very seriously. Whilst keeping to a rigorous schedule of napping can be daunting, Lola takes the challenge in her stride. Whilst she is a complete professional and can fall asleep in any spot, her favourite is a comfy bed to lie on and can often be spotted in the background of many a Zoom call.

What is Lola’s favourite part of the job?

She likes to meet other pets, especially when they show up in video calls. Lola is keen to share her expertise in napping, as well as swap tips with her peers.

What does Lola get up to when she is not working?

Lola has many activities outside of work that she enjoys. These include searching for the biggest stick she can find, regardless of how large it is, or if it may accidentally knock people over. She also has a great love of chasing tennis balls, eating pom-poms and swimming. However, it’s not all fun and games. With all the outdoor activities, it normally means Lola has to have a shower at some point, something that she’s not at all fond of.

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