Reflections on Scottish Education Expo 2022

At the Scottish Education Expo last month, one of effini’s education experts, Emma Nylk, gave a talk alongside Kate Farrell, Director of Curriculum Development and Professional Learning at the University of Edinburgh, on teaching the world’s first school level qualification in data science. Reflecting back, Emma shares her thoughts.

Moving forward

Emma and Kate at the Scottish Education Expo
Emma and Kate at the
Scottish Education Expo 2022

‘What now? What next?’ was the theme for this years Scottish Education Expo. I feel that the National Progression Award (NPA) for Data Science fits almost perfectly with this. We in the world to deliver a course on data science to school learners. But where do we go from here?

Creating the resources

My work at effini has been focused on creating resources that teachers can use to teach the NPA for Data Science, a qualification for school learners in Scotland. We now have 49 free-to-use lessons available. Having the right resources available is so important to teaching a subject. Without it, many will struggle to teach the topic.

Across the conference I noticed many people talking about how we make the most of the flexibility we have in the curriculum to allow young people to learn the skills they need. The conference was also a great chance for me to see some of the new ideas from the organisations involved in education across Scotland and beyond, as well as getting some free ice cream as well!

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