effini's 5th Birthday!

Happy birthday to us – we’re 5!

It’s been a fantastic journey – terrifying, exciting, tiring & inspiring. There’s been highs, and lows, and a lot of middling ground!

Rebuilding and new growth

Our clients come from many different sectors, and some have suffered terribly during the lockdowns and travel restrictions. Year 5 saw many of these organisations jumping back to life and in some cases even busier than before. Those in Tourism now needed accurate and up-to-date reports at their fingertips to help them manage and support huge increases of activity. We won new clients in Healthcare whose business was growing rapidly and needed secure and cost effective ways to transfer and combine data sources to build management dashboards with.

It's not about winning!

And there was the things we didn’t win – this year we were runners up for the Data Analytics Company of the Year award, something we are still immensely proud of (and huge shout out to the extremely deserving PrecisionLife!). And contracts we didn’t win – but did take learnings from to improve and refine our future offerings.

Team building

Along the way we’ve continued to build a really fantastic team. They’re all so different, and with the ability to be back in the office in the Bayes, have all selected different ways of flexible working. Some are back in the office full time, some still mainly from home, and some only lured into a meeting room with the promise of cake!

Strengthening our brand

Having been delighted to both win places on the Unlocking Ambition programme, we made the exciting decision to use the funding provided to support us on a journey we had long wanted to take – our new branding. Our new logo reflects a professional and modern look but keeps a key value of the business: our friendly and approachable personality. Our new website presents a simplified and clear picture of how we can help any type of business really work more effectively with their data.

And so onto year 6...

We are looking forward to the next year and all it brings, and to meeting more of you in person again, having also attended some conferences in the last year it’s been fantastic being able to do that.

Thanks again to all who’ve supported us over the last year,

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