Week Note: 20 Jun 2022

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic around a really exciting activity – the launch of our new brand and website!

Thinking From A Different Perspective

Our elephant will be getting a new look soon!
Having the expertise of designers and copywriters to make us think about the business in a very different way has been challenging, and downright hard at times. Thinking about software from a users point of view has been something I’ve many years’ experience in and think I can usually do quite well. Trying to put ourselves in our potential clients’ shoes is similar, and really does make you stop and think about how you describe and explain our services. Unbelievably our current website is almost five years old, and though it’s still accurate in terms of what we do, it’s not using the language we use now.

Keeping It Simple

One of the biggest opportunities we’ve got to learn about how the language we use affects our clients is when we’re doing training. It’s the time we specifically ask them to call us out if we use any terminology that they’re unsure of; the time we use case studies to help demonstrate the purpose and value of why we do what we do with data; and the time they can bring along the buzz words they’ve heard along the way and had no idea what they meant in relation to their business. We have really learnt from listening to people how challenging using data can be for them, and in particular understanding how to actually use it to help make better, more informed decision and identify opportunities.

The world of data is just so full of buzz words, and often it feels like folk are trying to outdo each other with complex and jargon filled sentences about the technical approaches they’re going to take. We set out to build a business which was about a friendly and approachable side to data, and we hope our new website helps set the scene in a way that you’ll know if we’re the folk to call and have a chat with to find out more.

We’re looking forward to sharing this with you in a few weeks, and to allay any fears you may have, the elephant is staying 😉

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