Where was I four years ago?

Various social media tools are doing their hardest to remind me of life before Covid, highlighting photos of what I was doing, reminding me of where I was and who I was with. LinkedIn is just one of those. Today this popped up and I knew exactly where I was 4 years ago, and it made me smile.

4 years ago I was searching for a seat at the Data Summit conference for The Data Lab – Innovation Centre – I like the seat at the centre, towards the back, of the raised seating area. Better view, comfy cushioned seats (top tip for future events!)

The person I sat down next to turned and said “Hi, I’m Jo”. And a matter of moments later we connected on LinkedIn. Knowing Jo rather well now, I feel sure there were plenty other folk she spoke to that day too! And as you sometimes do with folk, we clicked. The same things frustrated us about the world of data, we both thought many SMEs were being left behind. And we both knitted and liked cats! (maybe we didn’t figure that out til later!)

Fast forward four years…

We’re business partners in Effini, solving problems for those same SMEs using their data. The company is at a really exciting time, we’ve successfully completed so many really interesting projects over the last few years and are in the middle of more. We’re growing (watch this space!) and things are looking great, even though the last year has certainly had it’s challenges.

Jo, I’m glad I sat down next to you that day, and I look forward to the next time we can share a glass, or two, of fizz to celebrate where we are, and start planning the next knit too! Cheers!

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